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How Affordability Came to Be in the Dental Industry


There is a growing problem in the US, and it’s not a problem we’ve expected. Currently, the majority of Americans are experiencing severe dental health problems. The country is considered to have one of the poorest dental health worldwide. Many in the sector is now addressing this problem.

A growing number of Americans are experiencing tooth decay and plaque. As a result, oral health diseases are one of the highest globally, and more are expected to get these diseases unless the industry does something about it.

One of the main problems Americans have deteriorating dental health is that such healthcare services are expensive. Many parts of the low socioeconomic bracket could barely afford such services. However, by dealing with the increased costs of the industry and through a change in treatments, dental services are becoming much cheaper today.

Increased Salary Among Americans

First of all, it’s essential to talk about the increasing salaries that Americans are experiencing this year and next year. Reports have stated that many companies will give their employees some of the highest raises next year.

This increased salary among Americans can undoubtedly help more employees afford dental services. This affordability can change the way people view dental services, and it can easily become a necessary service in the country.

But some experts argue that this salary increase can be detrimental in making dental services cheaper. If certain dental companies are doing the same thing, they might increase the prices of their services to compensate for the pay increase. However, if more companies start to offer dental insurance to their employees, it will make dental services a lot more affordable.


Healthcare insurance is vital to many employees, but many small companies don’t offer such benefits to their employees. It’s certainly a big deal among workers, but experts believe this will change in the coming years.

Most big companies are offering dental services to their employees. It’s estimated that 90% of companies that have more than 500 employees have this, among many other benefits in their company. Many small businesses are trying to follow suit, with some small companies partnering with local dentists to get discounts for their employees.

Thankfully, many medical insurance companies are starting to include dental coverage in their plans. So employees that get their insurance individually have a big chance of getting the dental coverage they need.

Preventive Treatment

dental checkup

Some experts believe that reducing the costs of dental services might not be the right way. Instead, these experts believe that doing more preventive treatment can solve the costs of dental services.

Essentially, visiting the local dentist more than three times a year can be more expensive than staying in the hospital. Treatments and operations are costly, and even clinical visits can start mounting up the costs. Experts suggest doing more preventive treatments alongside dealing with the current dental problems that the patient is experiencing.

Moreover, treatments that are done in phases can also ease the costs of patients. Phased treatments can be paid in intervals, giving some patients the leeway to save some money for the next step of their treatments. This is quite common for tooth implant procedures. However, many experts suggest that other procedures can also have this structure.

Payment Options

Giving patients other payment options can also make dental services more affordable. Some dentists are offering interest-free plans to gain patient loyalty. So instead of partnering with banks and other loan-givers, you can customize a plan for your patients that’ll give loyal patients the chance to pay for their treatment for months to come with zero interest.

Moreover, partnering with NGOs dedicated to making healthcare affordable can give your patients options to coordinate with them. NGOs can offer to reduce the payments of certain patients who are in dire need of dental care.

3D printing

Lastly, 3D printing is making orthodontic services a lot more affordable. Before, orthodontists had to intricately make dental accessories by hand. They have to spend a lot of time and their own money to create these accessories. However, nowadays, 3D printing makes the process faster and uses fewer materials. This makes dental accessories such as implants and braces cheaper for people.

Orthodontists welcome 3D printing into their field and suggest many more to invest money into them. As more investments go into 3D printing, the more affordable dental accessories will be.

Dental services are important if we want to improve dental health in the US. As it becomes more affordable to the people, the more likely our dental health will improve as a country.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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